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Third Line Assurance

Third Line Assurance

Technology is now the lifeblood of most organisations and businesses, it brings with it tremendous opportunities as well as considerable threats. What happens if you have a problem with your IT system? Ideally, you want someone to be there to help when you need it.

At Cloud Expert, we can be your IT solution provider, with our Third Line Assurance service, you can get direct access to a skilled member of our team easily.

Third Line Assurance

Direct access to experts
when you need it

With Third Line Assurance from Cloud Expert, you can ensure the reliability, integrity and security of your key IT systems. Our third line assurance means you can get direct access to experts who know exactly what your issue is and how to deal with it efficiently.

There’s no tie-in, you can call us or contact us as often or as little as you want; when you have a problem with your IT or Cloud solution, we can help you! Our team has worked tirelessly to provide a professional service to both organisations and the individuals who are at their core. Our unique approach enables us to provide both technical and personal solutions for organisations and businesses that need direct help.

Third Line Assurance

Retain your IT

Assessing the effectiveness of your IT system is a crucial part of risk management, especially if you have an issue and want to retain your data. At Cloud Expert, we provide a service that is focused on the effectiveness of control and operation of your IT solutions. We believe that our solution should be just as unique as your business; our processes are current, comprehensive, effective and responsive to technology and process changes.

Peace of Mind

With a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and industries, our third line assurance specialists provide IT assurance services for sustainable results. Our team of professionals at Cloud Expert provides you with independent, jargon-free advice and advanced technology capabilities. We can help to provide high levels of assurance and give you peace of mind that your business can run smoothly with no IT issues.

Major Incident Management

At Cloud Expert, we offer Major Incident Management Support which aims to provide the processes and skills to handle incidents efficiently and in time for you to get back to work. We recommend this process because during a Major Incident you can contact Cloud Expert for a quick and easy solution, one of our experts can deal with you directly.

Contact Cloud Expert

Are you looking for assistance within IT solutions? Why not contact Cloud Expert today? We can provide management with a 24/7 IT management, support and third line assurance services.