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Managed Cloud Solutions

what we do

At Cloud Expert, we offer managed cloud solutions that include secure technology services and support specifically for Microsoft Office 365 and Azure. The latest public, private and hybrid cloud technology is enabling today’s organisations to do amazing things and empowering their people to achieve brilliance daily. Our experienced team can lead your migration to allow you to continually improve performance and reduce costs.

At Cloud Expert, we work with you to design and build purposeful infrastructure that meets your business needs, giving you the use of the advanced cloud capabilities. we understand the cloud landscape, and we have what it takes to guide you to a platform that goes beyond average to reach your cloud potential.

Managed cloud solutions

Microsoft CSP

We always look to make the complex situations simple and can clearly provide you with Cloud solutions combined with the options you have available to you and that meet your needs.

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP) enables employees to directly manage their entire Microsoft cloud customer lifecycle. With this Microsoft program, you can utilise dedicated in-product tools to directly manage and support customer subscriptions.

Our approach ensures you make the right decision and factor in all considerations from business to cost justification, to risk mitigation and security considerations. At Cloud Expert, we ensure that no stone is left unturned as we seek the right solution for your business.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is trusted by thousands of companies across the world to deliver a fully integrated set of cloud capabilities. At Cloud Expert, we believe in delivering Azure solutions for customers that support their needs both today and tomorrow. Whether you are in the process of migrating your applications to Microsoft Azure for the first time or need to find a reliable partner to manage and improve your existing deployment, we can help you meet your business goals.

At Cloud Expert, we invest in Azure by training our teams to the highest standards that improve your business efficiency and increased return on investment.

By selecting Azure as your preferred cloud solution your business will benefit from:

  • A scalable cloud solution that saves on IT hardware and maintenance costs
  • IT team become more focused on your applications and services
  • The ability to rapidly deploy additional resources to support your business growth
  • Built-in security, compliance and disaster recovery

what do we offer?

Office 365

At Cloud Expert, our Microsoft Office 365 migration services handle migrations efficiently and get you running quickly, with minimal disruption. Our team has extensive experience in getting businesses of all sizes onto Office 365 and providing continued support. Microsoft Office 365 is a powerful cloud-based software suite used by millions of organizations worldwide, businesses are choosing to make the switch to it as it offers numerous benefits over managing your on-site productivity tools.

Office 365 gives your company the flexibility you need to grow and the tools you can use to boost productivity and collaboration while managing your applications locally. Let Cloud Expert help you:

  • Migrate efficiently to Office 365 from your current set-up
  • Migrate data and users to keep anything from being lost
  • Plan disposition of the previous system
  • Ensure your new set up is secure and backups are in place
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Managed Cloud 
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Cloud Expert

At Cloud Expert, we can help you to leverage Cloud Solutions that are tailored precisely to your organisational needs, our approach is to focus intently on your business outcomes and goals. In this day and age, it is essential for businesses to invest in forms of disaster recovery, with our Cloud solutions, you can be sure that your business is in safe hands and fully secure.

Cloud solutions from Cloud Expert offer businesses more flexibility overall versus hosting on a local server, this improved flexibility can make a significant difference to the overall efficiency of your organization.

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At Cloud Expert, we can provide managed services with 24/7 Cloud support. If you are interested in our managed Cloud solutions please contact Cloud Expert today.