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At Cloud Expert, we will undertake a full discovery of your IT environment calling out any key risks, considerations, and opportunities for improvement.

In today’s complex IT and digital environments, we know that you face a diverse set of challenges when dealing with cloud or IT issues that require solutions and can be tailored to the needs of each business.


Cloud adoption framework

The Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure is a collection of documentation, technical guidance and tools that aid in aligning business, organisational readiness, and technology strategies. At Cloud Expert, this alignment enables a clear and actionable journey to the cloud that rapidly delivers on the desired business outcomes. The cloud will fundamentally change how Organisations procure and use technology resources; with the cloud, they can provision and consume resources only when needed. While the cloud offers tremendous flexibility in design choices, organisations need a proven and consistent methodology for adopting cloud technologies.

The Cloud Adoption Framework helps you to undertake a simplified cloud journey in three main stages:







Cloud Adoption Framework Fundamentals from Cloud Expert is a consultative engagement focussing on the preceding business strategy and the Plan stage of Cloud Adoption Framework.

Cloud Discovery Assessment

Is your organisation ready? Have you got a clear view of your risks and opportunities? Can you optimise your cloud environment to save cost? At Cloud Expert, our Cloud Discovery Assessment is a consultative workshop designed to understand your organisations readiness for your upcoming cloud journey. Our Cloud Discovery assessment service enables you to quickly assess which of your applications would benefit from being migrated to the cloud. Many organisations have specific issues that can be a real difficulty when developing a common strategy and application roadmap across the business.

At the end of the assessment, you will get a report highlighting the following:

  • Summary of findings
  • Key Risks
  • Key Opportunities
  • Migration Strategy
  • Indicative Costs
  • Readiness Score
IT Service - Discover

Cloud Strategy & Roadmap

Need help with your IT or Cloud Strategy? At Cloud Expert, our Virtual CTO services are here to help with any requirements that you may have when switching to the cloud. A cloud strategy roadmap is a visual communication tool that outlines how your transition to the cloud will roll out – including key tasks, deliverables and deadlines. Cloud strategy roadmaps divide a cloud strategy into three main phases: planning, infrastructure and implementation.

Acting as a virtual CTO has many benefits including:

  • Part-time engagement
  • Bringing experience from other industries
  • Tested approach with our cloud customer journey

A Cloud Strategy Roadmap from Cloud Expert will help you put your strategy into action. We can help you migrate to Azure in a way that aligns with your goals and works within your budget while helping reduce overall IT operations costs.

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